Lawn Angels

Lawn Angels

This is something we are passionate about. We are not extremely well off and cannot always donate to a cause like we may wish, however, this is a way that we can help others. God has blessed us and we want to pass on that blessing to others whenever we can.

Lawn Angels is simply one mowing or small project per week that we do 100% free of charge for the recipient.

Here is how it works:

Send us a story about a friend or family member who could use a hand. Maybe it is a parent that can’t get around so well, or maybe it is a loved one that has a medical condition and cannot take care of their yard at the moment. We will look through these stories once a week and pick one. Then we will show up and take care of their yard or project for them. They won’t necessarily even know we came by (unless they catch us in the act!) We don’t do this for the press or to be patted on the back just simply to give back to those that need a hand. We can all use a hand at times.

We will pledge to do one Lawn Angel project per week. This is not a competition and if your nomination is not selected in the current week they will remain in the pool of projects to be selected again. Be reasonable in what you ask of us and ensure your proposed person needs the assistance. We want to focus on those truly in need. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. This is as much a blessing to us as to those we provide services for.

Lawn Angel

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