About Us

Always Greener Lawn Care was started in 2007 in Columbia, MO. Starting with only 3 yards and a push mower, we have come a long way! After growing to a full scale business using quality equipment and expanding services we decided to try our hand in other things. In 2013 we sold off our lawn and snow accounts. After doing some different things we have come full circle, knowing in our heart this is where we needed to be. Now in 2015 we are reopening and moving our business to Nixa, MO. We love the area and have many of our family here as well.

Kirk Haynes Co-Owner/Operator
Is the son of an Entrepreneur and Landscaper as well as having his own experience in Lawn Care. He grew up helping his father with his landscaping business and working on the farm. Kirk has a degree in Manufacturing Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree from William Woods University in Business Management. Kirk is good at what he does, always looking for the best way to serve his customers.

Kristi Haynes Co-Owner/Office Manager
Kristi also comes from a family business and grew up working with the public. Since a very early age she found herself working for mom and dad in a customer service setting. Among her other duties she is a devout mother of three fine strapping young men. Kristi takes care of most of the billing and keeps us on track in the field with routing and job planning.

As a business and as a family we are Christians. We feel God has led us to be where we are today. We try to do all things with integrity and honesty. If we make a mistake we try very hard to fix it. We are trying to teach our boys how to be Godly men and hard workers. The best way to teach them is to show them a good example. In years to come we hope they too will be a part of our business.

Stay tuned, as we gain in volume we will begin adding additional staff as well.

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