Some of the services we offer are

-Lawn Maintenance

Weekly lawn maintenance, this includes mowing, edging, weed eating and cleaning up.

-Leaf Removal /Spring or Fall Cleanup

At your request or for our regular lawn customers we will clean up all of the leaves on your lawn. We will blow them all away from the house and landscaping and move them close to the road. Then we will suck them up with our debris loader/leaf vacuum and haul them away. No mess is left behind!  In some cases or at the customers request we can mulch the leaves as well but our goal is clean yards and happy customers!


Landscaping Maintenance is done either at your request or can be on a regular schedule. This includes taking care of trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, pruning trees, adding mulch or any other landscape maintenance that is required. For most properties the landscaping is maintained twice per calendar year. Once after the spring growth is finished in June/July and once in the fall after things cool down. Call today and we can discuss your specific landscape needs.

-Tree Trimming/Removal

Our sole business is not tree trimming but often times you just need some minor tree trimming or shrub removal. Most often we can help with these items. We do also work closely with a tree crew that we know and trust. If it is too much for us to handle we have other resources to ensure your needs are met.

-Aeration and Overseeding/Sod Installation

Reseeding is often the best way to ensure a healthy dense lawn. Ask us about our reseeding in the spring and fall each year or if you need help with a new lawn. We have many tools to accomplish reseeding. We can aerate, verticut or powerake the area to be reseeded to ensure it is prepared correctly for over-seeding. We also offer sod installation.  Often sod can be used for repairs to an existing lawn or for the perfect lawn from the start.

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